GEPADO develops for your laboratory and institute:
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) • Process Management • Pedigree Drawing • Electronic Medical Records

Everyday work demands software systems that are modular, flexible and adjustable. Therefore, GEPADO has developed the versatile and innovative software GEPADO Xpro.

GEPADO Xpro replaces the medical records and laboratory documentation. It ensures the control of all processes and is the central tool in consulting practices and laboratories. Data exchange works in all areas, together with the laboratory robot as well as with other database systems. GEPADO Xpro was developed  for human genetics, molecular pathology, oncology, gynaecology and many other medical fields. It serves as a register in centers for rare diseases and as a management system for biobanks.


Complete, unified workflow in your laboratory or institute


Choose from flexible tools, wizards and forms


Customize GEPADO Xpro according to your needs