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Your individual barcode in different label formats

If you use GEPADO Xpro, this happens automatically.

Please print without header/footer.

Fields 1 to 3 can contain patient data, i.e. name, date of birth etc. These will appear on the label in plain text.

Into fields 1D Barcode and 2D Barcode you may enter any data that should be printed as a barcode. This might be useful for patient or material id numbers. These will appear only as barcodes, not as plain text, so if you need to be able to read them, you would have to put them into field 1, 2 or 3 also.

Next you’ll choose the size of your label.

  • 1D Barcode:
  • 2D Barcode:

To ensure a good fit you might have to deactivate your browser’s header/footer print option. These labels have been developed and tested with standard label printers.

Do you require another label format or an additional field? We appreciate your feedback.